Chasing M2 with 100 m Tether

Located in Campbell River, Canada, we are BC’s only authorized CHASING distributor offering industrial grade underwater ROVs. Affordable ROV is here to supply your team with the right tools and technology to accomplish diving jobs and underwater inspections independently. CHASING underwater drones save aquaculture farms time and money by allowing single person operations to efficiently and safely inspect enclosures, water temperatures, mooring equipment and more! Featuring a compact, aluminum alloy body the CHASING M2 ROV can be easily transported and quickly deployed anywhere, perfect for aquaculture net inspection and observation.

CHASING M2 features sophisticated OMNI movement, an 8 vectored thruster system that allows movement in all directions. In any position, the depth can be set ensuring the ROV will accurately hover and achieve any perspective when shooting, covering all observation and operational needs at any angle. Capable of depths up to 100m and equipped with the ability to shoot 4K video and capture 12MP photos, your team will have the ability to clearly and accurately inspect all underwater areas. CHASING M2 ROV underwater drones are compatible with easy to use accessories, such as 200m cable reels for deeper exploration, larger capacity batteries up to 200W for extended use, and a robotic arm with a claw for advanced jobs.

With the CHASING M2 robotic arm attachment your team will be fully equipped to safely accomplish underwater diving jobs directly on site. Diving operations such as inspections, removing debris and waste, and retrieving items and collecting samples is easily achieved as deep as 328′ (100m) with attachments for your CHASING M2 drone. The robotic arm features a weight of less than 2 ounces underwater, a gripping force of 6.6lbs, and a dragging force of 26.4lbs. Conveniently controlled through the same app and remote as your ROV, the robotic arm attachment greatly expands the potential for all underwater jobs with your CHASING M2 drone from Affordable ROV.


With CHASING M2 ROVs your team will have the ability
to accomplish endless diving jobs independently!